Manifesto of the International Union of Internet Professionals "EZhE"

It is common for manifestos to declare goals and tasks which normally look good on paper but poorly correlate with reality. We'll try to give up this vicious practice and, without much abuse of the network lingo, tell about ourselves in a plain human talk.

The International Union of Internet Professionals - "EZhE", or "the EzhE Movement", is a direct heir to the Community of Russian Online Periodicals "EZhE". Originally, regularly updated projects united under the "EZhE" banners. Later, the intellectual base of creators of online periodicals resulted in setting up a self-regulatory organization.

We are often called the network elite. We won't give up this bright epithet provided online workers who gained varied success online are understood by the phrase. The easiest way to become part of the international union is to subscribe for the EZhE mailing list where the most active of the EZhE movement exchange views and ideas on network-related and familiar topics.

In our store, we have accumulated a vast experience of joint projects. The International Union holds annual online contests 'Russian Online TOP' (POTOP) and 'Russian Online TOP++' (POTOP++). Both contests pursue goals traditional for events of such level: reveal significant personalities and important Internet projects, determine trends in the progress of Russian-language part of the World Wide Web. To make the RU-Net workers stay not merely inanimate electronic addresses, we established and have maintained the "Faces of the Russian Internet" (FRI) gallery. Network professionals answer standard quasi-network questions in the sites cataloг EZhE-Top.

We give support to natural science, humanitarian and business projects, entertaining and serious Internet resources. To battle against negative morality and facts of violating the online ethics, we set up a 'Hall of Shame' and Anti-spam Epidemic Control. Both projects played their part in establishing the RU-Net and currently are honourable monuments of the Net history.

In the EZhE movement we don't run a special propaganda of Internet anywhere, but we actively assist organizers of Internet academies, media unions and Internet guilds whose purpose is to popularize Internet in Russia. We sometimes often act as founders of such establishments.

The EZhE movement is a trade union, a self-regulatory body, in fact, a guild of Russian Internet workers where defence of our interests at any level is among the leading roles. We have neither nominal leaders nor hierarchy. It is not done for us to act on behalf of the EZhE movement. At the same time, participants of EZhE movements will always find time and desire to stand up for the interests of the industry and the workers.

EZhE movement is a mechanism for integration of new projects into the Russian Internet. Not only does it help obtain constructive criticism (remarks, advice, reference to analogs), but also assistance in the making. Since EZhE originally united creators of online periodicals, their representatives now form the core of the movement. Therefore, a worthy indeed young project acquires advertising support and coverage in online media as the outset. To facilitate Internet users keeping track of the changes occurring in online projects of the participants' union, the "EZhE-Pravda" daily newspaper is published.

For the International Union, the day of 19th March 1997 is the birthday, a date when the birth of EZhE movement was first announced at The geography of the members is vast: Byelorussia, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Finland, Estonia. To take part in the EZhE movement, the religion belief, sexual orientation or sexual identity, skin color, age or profession do not matter.

Our community is always open to journalists, designers, advertisers, producers, programmers, ideologists, analysts and all those who bring intellectual and material contribution to the progress of Internet. Every candidate matching the requirements is entitled to become a full member of the International Union of Internet Professionals - "EZhE".

Welcome to EZhE membership!

25 October 2003.
Text by Alexander «CAM» Malioukov, edited by Alexander Denisenko and Dmitry Leonov. Translated by Henry Sheppard.


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